Will the hair color turn out like the reference images? And if not then how do I determine the result?

We know we’ve said this before, but we’re saying it again because if
therapy has taught us anything valuable, it is to manage expectations.
The shade you see in the jar of color won’t be exactly the same when
applied to the hair. There will be differences in the hue, shade,
saturation in the final result. The reference images are to help you
understand the basic color you want to go for, the shade post
may or may not turn out the same as the reference images. We suggest
you test out the color on a few strands before an all-over application
to understand the way your hair reacts to the color.

What color will work best for my hair?

The results of each color application depend on various factors and
characteristics of the hair it is applied to. For ex: The porosity,
condition (whether it’s pre-treated or not), texture of hair all
contribute towards the final appearance of the applied hair color. In
terms of application, full coverage shades work best on pre-bleached
platinum blonde/ medium blonde hair.

What does Full Coverage mean?

At PonyTres, when we say Full Coverage we will be talking about the
intensity of the color and not the area it shall cover. Full Coverage
shades are where the color saturation and shade will be closest to the shade
in the jar. You can opt for Full Coverage highlights or also Full
Coverage all-over application as well.

Can I color my hair without bleaching it?

Yes, you can. However the color won’t show up in its full saturation. It will look more like a tint that is visible when light hits it depending on the natural shade of your hair.

How many times do I need to bleach my hair for full coverage results?

Depending on the natural shade of your hair, you might need to do more than one application of bleach. We also recommend using a toner to remove the warm tinge that bleach leaves on darker hair, this will help you avoid getting a brassy finish on your final color application.

I bleached my hair and then applied the color but it’s still not as full coverage as I’d like it to be.

Sometimes you might have to do multiple applications to reach your
desired level of saturation. A strand test will help you determine that.

How many times can I bleach/ color my hair in a day?

A very good question we wish we had asked before that one fateful
night that led to the next eight months of us sporting a beanie everywhere. We’d recommend not more than two bleach applications in a day. Usually that much is enough to reach the desired result if done right. Make sure you have a significant interval between each application.

I’m not happy with the result. How can I remove it?

As unfortunate as it is to hear that, we know that it is a very large probability that comes with experimenting with hair coloring. Since you have already made the bold move, we suggest you keep going. Use the color theory wheel to mix and match colors to create new shades. However, if you really want to remove the applied color, you can try a few tips and tricks to make the color wash out faster like hot hair oil massage, washing the hair with warm water etc.